Purchase and Install of Commercial Ductless Split System Air Conditions to Provide Cooling for Telecommunication Closets at Various SAWS Locations

Note all locations (Attached) require 208 power single phase and installation will require wall boring. 1ea 30amp 240V disconnect fused, 1 ea 2 pole breaker 30amp, 250ft MC cable 10/2 with connectors, 1 ea pull box 8’X8’X4’, 50ft #10 black standed wire, 50ft #10 red standed wire, 20ft ¾” emt conduit plus connectors, 20ft ¾” seal tight, 20ft ½” emt conduit plus connectors, 1ea ¾” LB, 1ea 1 ½”             channel plus straps 3/4” nuts and bolts,, 1ea – ¾” channel ½” straps nuts and bolts.
This project includes but is not limited to the Following Scope of Services:
o    Electrical
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